GENERAL TRAINING NOTICE: Please be advised, track closures and restricted areas will be reinforced during general training from Tuesday 7 June 2022. This applies to Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday general training sessions. Please plan your sessions accordingly.
Venue Hire

Carnival Booking Information

Please view Athletic Centre Terms and Conditions of Hire here Terms & Conditions

The Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre (SOPAC) consists of the Competition Arena and Warm Up Arena, each with a 400m track and field area for all Athletic discipline events. Built in 1994 and recently resurfaced as a Class 1 IAAF track (Warm Up Arena Class 2), the Centre prides itself on its ability to host both National and International Athletic Events.

Throughout over 20 years of operation, the venue has continued to maintain a reputation for providing world class facilities for the community, recreational and elite level programs and events.


Athletic Centre
Ph: (02) 9714 7501


Athletics NSW
Officials Coordinator
Ph: (02) 9746 1122

SDS (Meet Manager and Photo Finish operators)
Helen Wood
Ph: 0418 430 762
Venues Live Catering
Ph: 8765 2077
Nixon Results
Janet Nixon
Ph: 0407 019 692

Booking Cancellation
In accordance with the Venues Terms and Conditions all event cancellations are required in writing and may incur a payment if cancelled within sixty (60) days of your scheduled booking.

The track is an all weather surface, allowing for events to proceed during periods of rain. Should event organisers believe the weather conditions become too inclement to precede with the event both verbal and written communication must be provided to Athletic Centre staff as soon as possible.
Please note: Should you wish to reschedule your event due to weather, alternate dates cannot be guaranteed.

Athletics NSW offers the hiring of their Athletics Officials, who can assist in supporting and coordinating school carnivals and athletics events for organisations, while abiding by the rules around athletics competition. If you are interested in this service please contact ANSW on the details listed above.

Marquees/Temporary Structures
Five 3x3m marquees will be setup and made available for use on the arena during your event.
Should you require any additional temporary structures, including but not limited to marquees, stalls or stages/platforms please advise the Athletic Centre in advance for approval and set up guidelines.

An allocation of the following Venue implements will be made available for use during your event as well as all necessary equipment to conduct field events (tapes, markers, brooms, rakes etc):

High Jump Mat and Cross Bar Long Jump/Triple Jump Pits
Shot Put (2kg - 7.26kg) Discus (500g - 2kg)
Javelin (400g - 800g) Hammer (3kg - 7.26kg)
Hurdles Starting blocks
Relay batons Starters gun

Photo Finish Equipment
The Athletic Centre utilises the latest Swiss Timing photo finish timing and display equipment.
Photo Finish must only be operated by experienced officials. Preferred operators at the Athletic Centre are SDS, Athletics NSW and Nixon Results (details above). This must be booked directly with SDS, ANSW or Nixon Results independently of your venue booking with the Athletic Centre.

Video Board
The Competition Arena video board is included when hiring an Athletic Carnival C or D.
The board is a 10x6m full colour LED video screen capable of displaying photos, logos, videos, web pages and photo finish information.

Video: MPEG in 16:9 ratio
Photo: 640x384 JPEG
All content must be received at least 7 days prior to your event.

Only ‘Pyramid’ or ‘Christmas Tree’ spikes (also called compression tiered spikes) are to be used on the track for athletic activity. Needle spikes are not permitted. Spikes are only permitted on competition areas and must not be worn in spectator areas or indoors.


Maximum spike lengths:
Running activity maximum of 7mm
Throw and Jump activity maximum of 9mm

Drones and aerial photography involving the Athletic Centre are strictly prohibited.

First Aid
A dedicated first aid officer must be positioned in the First Aid room for the duration of all events. As a minimum, this person must hold a valid certificate for completing the course ‘Provide First Aid’.

First Aid is the responsibility of the client to arrange, and is a requirement for the duration of all bookings. MediFast are the preferred provider at the Athletic Centre and can be contacted on or 1300 434 241

The Athletic Centre is a fully catered venue and does not permit self-catering.
All catering requirements for your event, including canteens and food/beverage packages, must be arranged with the venues catering provider, Venues Live (details above). 

The best parking for the Athletic Centre is the P2 car park located adjacent to the Aquatic Centre. For further details regarding parking within Sydney Olympic Park, please see the link below.

A number of ‘Green Parking Passes’ may be allocated to your event, allowing free parking for the assigned dates in marked bays between the Athletic Centre and Aquatic Centre.

Novelty/Ball Games
Please notify the Venue in advance if Novelty/Ball games will be conducted to ensure an appropriate area can be prepared as such activities are not permitted on the track surface. To assist in limiting significant wear, venue staff will rotate the areas of games such as tug-o-war, sack races, shuttle relays and tunnel ball.

Crowd Behavior and Control
It is the responsibility of the Event Organisers to ensure that all spectators and competitors are behaving in a safe and respectable manner. Should Athletic Centre staff observe a patron behaving inappropriately they may be asked to take no further participation in the days event or requested to leave the Venue.

Any damage or extensive cleaning incurred during the duration of your booking will be the responsibility of the Event Organiser and will be included on your final invoice.

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the perimeter of the Venue.

Event signage may be displayed during your event. Under no circumstances is any signage or banner to be displayed or draped over emergency signage, sponsorship or venue signage. Please advise Athletic Staff prior to your event of your requirements.

Should you wish distribute any marketing material or conduct fundraising activities approval must be sort from Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre Management prior. A failure to seek approval will result in the removal of such material.

The sale of event specific merchandise is permitted during your carnival. Merchandise with sponsorship or for external vendors may incur a merchandise fee.

Kings Sport Store
Kings Sports Store is located at the Athletic Centre Competition Arena and is able to cater to all Track and Field equipment needs. For more information visit or call 9763 7444.