CLOSURE: Pole Vault area will be closed in the Warm Up Arena during General Training sessions and it is expected to re-open mid February. The Pole Vault area is available in the Competition Arena during General Training session. Thank you for your patience while we await the arrival of new equipment.
2016 - Athletic Centre - General Training - Timetable - Paul K Robbins

General Training Timetable

Date Time Venue
Friday 1 February CLOSED   
Saturday 2 February  8am - 1pm  Warm Up Arena
Sunday 3 February CLOSED
Monday 4 February 3pm - 8pm  Competition Arena
Tuesday 5 February 3pm - 8pm  Competition Arena
Wednesday 6 February 3pm - 8pm  Competition Arena
Thursday 7 February 3pm - 8pm  Competition Arena
Friday 8 February CLOSED 
Saturday 9 February CLOSED
Sunday 10 February CLOSE
Monday 11 February  3pm - 8pm Competition Arena
Tuesday 12 February 3pm - 8pm Competition Arena
Wednesday 13  February 3pm - 8pm Competition Arena
Thursday 14 February 3pm - 8pm Competition Arena
Friday 15 February CLOSED
Saturday 16 February 8am - 1pm Warm Up Arena 
Sunday 17 February 9am - 1pm Warm Up Arena
Monday 18 February 3pm - 8pm Competition Arena
Tuesday 19 February 3pm - 8pm
Competition Arena
Wednesday 20 February 3pm - 8pm Competition Arena
Thursday 21 February 3pm - 8pm Competition Arena
Friday 22 February CLOSED
Saturday 23 February CLOSED
Sunday 24 February CLOSED
Monday 25 February 3pm - 8pm Competition Arena  
Tuesday 26 February 3pm - 8pm Competition Arena  
Wednesday 27 February 3pm - 8pm Competition Arena  
Thursday 28 February 3pm - 8pm Competition Arena  


Currently, every Wednesday General Training session will have all track area restrictions lifted, this is subject to change at the discretion of venue management.
• Please note: due to track maintenance the schedule is subject to change
• For the most up-to-date information and bookings call 02 9714 7501 or email