CLOSURE: Please be advised that Wilson Park will be closed due to works preparation for the Cricket NSW Centre of Excellence. Tom Wills Community Field and the Athletic Centre Warm Up Arena are available for bookings. Thank you for your understanding.
General Training Equipment Use

Terms and Conditions

  • Patrons are required to leave either photo ID or an Athletic Centre RFID fob in exchange for all Athletic Centre equipment loaned. ID will be returned to the patron on departure with the receipt of the borrowed equipment.

  • The equipment recipient will be liable for the replacement cost of equipment if lost or damaged due to misuse, based on a like for like replacement from Kings Sports Store.

  • The equipment recipient remains responsible for the safe and appropriate use of all equipment borrowed.

  • Users of throw equipment (discus, shot put, javelin and hammer throw), must be 18 years or older, or remain under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times.

  • All throw equipment must meet IAAF specifications in design with the exception of minimal weight variances suffered due to equipment age.

  • Athletic Centre management reserve the right to cease the use of any equipment deemed unsafe to patrons or property including the track surface and grassed field of play.